Blue Italian Greyhound Breed Info

Are you a person who prefers the indoors? Do you have a lifestyle that is very simple and compact and you are looking for a pet that will accompany you? If your answer is yes, then a blue Italian Greyhound will prove to be a useful dog breed for you. With their easy to manage physique, quietness and loyalty to owners, they are perfect for individuals who value their peace and quiet. Although the blue Italian Greyhound could be quite quirky and inquisitive of his or her owners affairs, this is just to show their loyalty and attachment to their owners. At first you might think that the blue IG is a couch potato but they could be quite competitive when it comes to athletic activities. They just dont tend to show it all the time. Still, taking them out for exercise once in a while could be beneficial for their physique and health. The IG puppies could be also fragile until they are adults so it is necessary to keep their health in check especially since their bones are not that sturdy and they are prone to fractures.

A blue Italian Greyhound is the perfect dog breed for people or families who live in apartments, condominiums or buildings. This breed can adapt to an indoor setting easily. It is also not as noisy as other breeds and in fact, it doesnt bark much. Though not hypoallergenic, this dogs coat requires little maintenance. Just get a wet towel or a chamois to clean the body and youre all set. Regular trimming of the fingernails is also necessary. Compared to others, this dog isnt demanding when it comes to physical care. In training a blue Italian Greyhound, you can use the positive reinforcement and treats method. They dont respond well to touch discipline as they could be aggressive even to the slightest touch. This makes them not so friendly with children and strangers. At some point, they could also be difficult to train. Much focus and repetitive actions are required to help them remember since they become upbeat when it comes to physical activities.

If you want a dog that can sit still and wait for you as you work the whole day, the blue Italian Greyhound could be the one for you. With their still and quiet personality, they are perfect for the buzzing and compressed city life you have. 

Italian Greyhound Training Tips

Training an Italian Greyhound is just easy. In fact, this breed is considered as one of easiest and most trainable dogs especially if they are trained at the right age. The recommended age to train this kind of puppy is when they are around 10 to 12 weeks old. When the puppies are still young, like 8 weeks and below, they still don’t have that ability to control their behavior. But older puppies can already manage their body functions, which is why they can already respond positively to training.


Once youve got the puppy, you need to decide on who should do the training. Ideally, it should have one trainer, but if thats not possible its okay for it to have few trainers as long as they all use the same phrases. Puppies follow a command based on what they constantly hear from their trainer, so make sure that the words that are being used are the same to avoid confusion. There should be consistency when it comes to the phrases used for the Italian Greyhound training.


Italian Greyhound training also depends on the trainers location. If the owner lives in a place where there is cold climate, then it would be more practical to do litterbox or paper training. But if the weather is always sunny, then outdoor training would be okay. Actually, people can still train them both ways but not at the same time. They should first master one before they can proceed to the other one. This is important so as not to confuse the dog.


Since Italian Greyhounds don’t like a cold, wet or windy environment, it is advisable for trainers to create a space for them outside that can be used as their shelter. And when training a dog, they should be in a secured area so that you can manage them better. Only let the dog roam for a maximum of 30 minutes, and by that time the dog should already relieved itself. Before nap time, they should also be taken outside to teach the puppy that they should already do it before entering the house.


The use of litter box is also a good choice for Italian Greyhound training since these dogs dont like getting cold or wet. People should remember that the litter box should always be accessible to the dog so that it will be more convenient. The newspapers used on the litter box should also be changed regularly, like in the morning and the evening. Though more than twice a day is more advisable.


Italian Greyhound training is not just about potty training, but also helping the dogs to have a better disposition and behavior. The dogs are naturally full of energy and stubbornness, but that doesn’t mean that they’re hard to train. They are small and a bit fragile so training should be done in a gentle and calm manner. Harsh training wouldn’t work for them since they will just become fearful in those conditions. On the other hand, using positive reinforcement in Italian Greyhound training can make the dogs follow their owner and maintain a good relationship with them.