Italian Greyhound Puppy Information

Want a people-oriented pooch descending from a lineage of hunting dogs yet affectionate & playful but does not yelp a lot? Then an Italian Greyhound puppy may be a good choice.

Offhand, this breed of dog can look fragile in a sleek and elegant kind of way. Italian Greyhounds are sturdier than what most people make them out to be, though.  There are actually many reasons why they make great pets. For one, an Italian Greyhound puppy is a very minimal shedder, and possesses a smooth coat that’s easy to care for.

The pup is prone to dental disease. Its not surprising to find such an Italian Greyhound pup  developing gum disease upon reaching the age of one or two.  Hence, professional cleaning by a vet and good products like natural dental chews that can do a good job in preventing tartar build-up can help a lot. Pet owners can also use a microfiber finger brush to clean the dogs teeth.

As for the ears, a cotton swab or doggie wipes can be used to remove waxy build-up, which the Italian Greyhound puppy can be prone to owing to its floppy ears that inhibit air circulation. Italian Greyhound pups need weekly toenail trimming, so be if you cant do this for your pet, be prepared to visit the pet groomer regularly.

A clean, odorless and energetic Italian Greyhound can be a joy to have around the house. Just don’t leave the pup alone with kids unsupervised. Other characteristics of the dog are its clingy nature; the tendency to roughhouse with other animals and to keep jumping off furniture; and the almost human-like quality of being sensitive, especially when scolded in a reproving tone. As with all dogs, its best to train the Italian Greyhound at an early age. The pups respond well to owners/trainers with an air of natural authority. The dog breed is known to be difficult to train, but consistency will pay off.  You just got to teach the dog who is the pack leader.

To ensure a healthy & happy Italian Greyhound puppy, regular exercise to let the pooch vent energy is a must. The pooch may not be able to outrun the Greyhound, which has greater stamina. In any case, the Italian Greyhound can be a fast sprinter. By giving your Italian Greyhound pup room to move, quality chow, proper training and the minimal grooming required, you can create a harmonious and rewarding relationship with the pet.

Mini Italian Greyhound

When looking for a mini-pooch to accompany you and your family, the mini Italian greyhound may be for you. Possessing happy manners and a good nature, it can be a great canine-pet for any family.

Small, slender, and fine-boned, the mini Italian greyhound is known for its characteristic long, narrow head, and weighs only 6 to 14 pounds. It can come in different short and glossy coat colors such as gray, slate gray, red, fawn, blue, black, white, and cream.

Fairly active indoors and outdoors on the yard, the mini Italian greyhound is playful, eager, affectionate, smart, and overall good-natured. They are also generally very submissive, and naturally want to please their owners.

Not that challenging when it comes to training them, it must be remembered though, that they do not react well to harsh discipline. Instead, be calm, firm, kind and authoritative when dealing with them.

Very dependent and peaceful, its owner must not spoil it by petting it when it is stressed or upset as it will only strengthen this behavior. Though it is easy to train, it still needs a pack leader to follow.

It must be noted that the mini Italian greyhound should not be babied, even though it is tempting for its size to baby and spoil it. Babied mini Italian greyhounds will develop to be snappish and overly possessive.

For exercise, even for its size it requires daily walk, as it loves to run free and play. When walking though, the owner should lead the way and not the mini Italian greyhound so as to earn its respect and see you as a figure of authority.

Grooming the mini Italian greyhound can be quite easy, as it only needs to keep its coat clean and silky by simply rubbing it down with a towel. Bathing it not really needed and should only be done when it is necessary. When you do bathe them, make sure to dry them thoroughly to avoid any complications.  

Expected to live a long life of 12 to 15 years – in some rare cases can live up to 19 years – it may experience a number of health problems. Health problems that are specific to the miniature Italian greyhound are susceptibility to epilepsy, slipped stifle, fractures, and Progressive Retinal Atrophy, or PRA.

Though adults may be tougher, it is important to know that mini Italian greyhound puppies, newly born up until they are 18 months old, are fragile and can experience broken legs easily. Careful handling and special attention is needed when handling mini Italian greyhound puppies.