Italian Greyhound Dog

What is more homely and welcoming to a home than your very own lap dog jumping on you and smothering you with licks and saliva? No other dog is easier to be around with and simpler to take care of than the Italian Greyhound dog. The not so distant relative of the original Greyhound dog, the Italian Greyhound is one of the best lap dogs to have around the house, provided, or course, that your home is not filled with small children.

The Italian Greyhound dog is one of the best breeds of dog to have around and keep as a pet. From their medium-built frame, to their extremely thin coat which makes it easy to take care of, and their energetic and people-friendly temperament, the Italian Greyhound is a dog uniquely made for the lap, and is its own dog, not at all overshadowed by the breed in which it came from, the Greyhound.

From puppyhood, the Italian Greyhound must be taken great care of, since it has really fragile bones for a dog. However, this meticulous care only needs to be done for the first 12 to 18 months of the Italian Greyhounds life, as after that time, this dog almost takes care of itself because of its ease of being taken care of. Also extremely sensitive to cold environments, whether it be an Italian Greyhound puppy or an adult, this breed of dog need to be extra coated when in cold environments, because of its already mentioned thin coating of fur and hair. They also prefer quiet, not-so-rowdy environments when it comes to households, so this dog is perfect, if you are single or are only a couple; small children might not know how fragile The Italian Greyhound dog might really be. Other than these small pet peeves, the Italian Greyhound is still an amazing dog overall.

One of the best traits the Italian Greyhound received from the original Greyhound, was the exceptional speed. The Greyhound is considered to be the fastest breed of dog, with a top speed of 45 miles per hour. Although the Italian Greyhound is not that fast due to its relatively smaller built, it still has a top speed of over 25 miles per hour, 6 miles faster than the other breeds of dog. This, along with all the other traits the Italian Greyhound dog got from the Greyhound, along with its very own traits, make it a dog built for royalty.

More On Italian Greyhound Puppies

Are you looking for the perfect lap dog to just have cuddled and snuggled by you during those moments when you are just relaxing in your couch or bed? There are many potential candidates for being the best lap dog for you, but one may stand on the shoulders of all those other potential candidates the Italian Greyhound.

The close relative of the original Greyhound, arguably the fastest breed of dog among all the other breeds, the Italian Greyhound combines just enough traits of its ancestor, with traits from other breeds which were used to cross-breed with the Greyhound to produce this amazing breed of dog.

From infancy, Italian Greyhound puppies are to be given extra care over, since they are really fragile dogs when they are still puppies. Even as adults, these Italian Greyhounds are extremely sensitive to cold weather, because of their acutely thin coat of fur; Italian Greyhound puppies would be just as more sensitive to the cold as adults are. These Italian Greyhound puppies have fragile bones, are to be taken care of immensely. However, Italian Greyhound puppies only need to be taken meticulous care of for the first 12 to 18 months from infancy, as they are essentially a very healthy breed of dog once they reach adulthood.

Needing very little grooming as well, the Italian Greyhound is one of the easiest breeds of dog to take care of. You will not even have trouble grooming or making them take the regularly scheduled baths or check-ups unlike with other breeds, since these Italian Greyhounds have one of the best temperaments among all dog breeds. They are one of the friendliest, most people-oriented dogs in the animal kingdom. You would have to train them to be really social, though, if you want these dogs to be able to be comfortable with and around other people. If not trained early on, they might grow up to have high-strung, or even shy temperaments.

These Italian Greyhounds, being sort of the nephew of the original Greyhounds, are some of the fastest dogs among all the dog breeds. Although not as quick as the Greyhounds, who gallop at 45 miles per hour, they still clock in at about 25 miles per hour, almost 6 miles per hour faster than the average breed of dog. That is one of the better traits the Italian Greyhound picked up from its uncle.

All in all, the Italian Greyhound is an excellent dog to have, especially if you are living alone or are only a couple with no children. With a few minor tips, such as being really careful with these Italian Greyhound puppies due to their sensitive and fragile bones, covering them in extra coating or clothes when exposed to extreme cold, and keeping them in households without that much noise, overall, the Italian Greyhound is the best choice for a lap dog among all the others. There is no mistake about it; they would really be one breed of dog you would want.

Italian Greyhound Rescue Help & Advice

Looking for a dog to rescue from a dog rescue home or a dog shelter? If you are the type that does not want large dogs, or cannot have large dogs, then rescuing or adopting an Italian Greyhound might be best for you. There are specific Italian Greyhound rescue homes and shelters which solely take care of these nephews of the original Greyhound, and they make sure that these Italian Greyhounds given over to their care until another home takes them in. It is a surprise that these Greyhounds still last in the shelters or homes, because who in the world would not want an amazing breed of dog such as this?

The Italian Greyhound is a breed of dog which is totally loved because it may arguably be the best lap dog out there. It has become so popular, that even the particular rescue or care or adoption organizations devoted to giving this breed of dog another chance for a better family, have become huge organizations in some countries, particularly the United States of America, albeit most of them being non-profit organizations. You can be quite sure, then, that those little Italian Greyhounds you rescue from these shelters are well taken care of.

A number of Italian Greyhound rescue operations are being done by these organizations themselves. When families give up their Italian Greyhounds, they usually have their reasons, but most of the time, it is to be accepted that there are really some individuals out there which care less for the well-being of a dog, whatever breed it may be. Enter the Italian Greyhound rescue operations, and these Italian Greyhounds are safe and are due to be adopted and rescued again, by possibly you.

To be able to determine if the Italian Greyhound rescue home or shelter you are about to adopt an Italian Greyhound at is a reputable one, check first how well they treat the dogs under their care. Check the living space each dog has. Do they keep them in cages or leashes? Are they well-fed? Are they groomed, socialized with, or taken care of properly overall? If the home or shelter you are about to rescue a dog at checks out in all of these departments, then the last thing to check would be the dog itself. They might have come from damaged homes, or even great families before they were given to these dog adoption shelters. The dog must first connect with you, before you even have any chance at connecting with them.